Exploring Melbourne’s Best Cycling Routes

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Melbourne is famously known as Australia’s sporting capital. It is the perfect place for bike lovers and cyclists to come and enjoy the amazing tracks that this city hosts. It is a city where you will always have a lot of options, both in urban and rural areas, to try out your two-wheeler experience, since there are approximately 2,000 kilometres of trails. Melbourne offers both on-road and off-road cycling routes, giving all cyclists a premium riding experience.

Whether you are an experienced or a casual rider, there are a lot of routes in Melbourne where you can enhance your two-wheeler experience. From stunning coastal paths to relaxing inner-city trails and amazing parks and gardens, there are a lot of cycling routes that are offered by the city to give you a chance to explore all the hidden gems on two wheels.

Here is a blog through which you can explore the best cycling routes in Melbourne and enhance your two-wheeler experience.

1. The Capital City Trail

The Capital City Trail

The Capital City Trail is one of the most historic and iconic places, with separate pathways for cyclists and pedestrians. Approximately covering an area of 29 kilometres, this trail covers the city’s centre and some of the northern and eastern suburbs. On this trail, you will find flat routes and off-road tracks that cover all difficulty levels for cyclists, and hence it is considered one of the best options for two-wheelers.

This trail also passes by some other trails like the Merri Creek Trail, Main Yarra Trail, Moonee Ponds Creek Trail, and Inner Circle Rail Trail. While going on this track, you will also come across some of the famous landmarks, such as Southbank, Melbourne Zoo, and the Royal Botanic Gardens.

2. Lilydale To Warburton Rail Trail

Lilydale To Warburton Rail Trail

Lilydale to Warburton Rail Trail is one of the most popular tracks that is mainly used by walkers, cyclists, and horse riders. Spread over 40 kilometres, this track will take you through the stunning Yarra Valley and the historic railway line. You will find that the track is flat and well maintained and is best suited for both experienced and beginner riders. 

This track starts from the Lilydale Railway Station and finishes at the Warburton township, giving all the riders some of the best views of the Yarra Valley, farmland, mountains, and forests. Along with the stunning mountain views, you will also come across some of the horse riders and walkers. So you need to be a little more careful while riding your two-wheeler on this track.

3. The Bayside Trail

The Bayside Trail

Bayside Cycling Trail is a stunning path for cyclists and pedestrians that is along the shore of Port Phillip Bay. Being spread over roughly 18 kilometres, this is a popular route among riders of all ages and difficulty levels. This trail starts at Austin Road in Seaford, near the Edithvale-Seaford Wetlands, and ends at the West Gate Bridge in Port Melbourne. On this route, you will also find some cafes and restaurants where you can eat something and have some rest.

You will find that this is a flat route, and hence it takes only 2 hours to cover this route. As you ride this path, you will come across some of the beautiful landmarks of the city, such as the Westgate Bridge, the pedal past Albert Park, Port Melbourne, and Luna Park. Riding your bicycle on this trail is a great option to have some fun and enjoy the marvellous views of the bay and the stunning beaches.

4. Main Yarra Trail

Main Yarra Trail

The Main Yarra Trail is spread over an area of approximately 27 kilometres. This is a picturesque track that follows the Yarra River. You can cover this route in approximately one and a half hours, and it offers you stunning views of the riverside and green corridor. This route starts from the Princes Bridge in Melbourne and ends up in the suburbs of Westerfolds Park and Eltham.

As you ride along this route, you will come across the Heide Museum of Modern Art, Warrigal Park, and Fairfield Boathouse. The route of this track is mostly flat and easy to ride for people of all ages. You will find that this track offers you the best cycling experience and stunning views of the Yarra River and the parks and landmarks it passes by.

5. Merri Creek Trail

Merri Creek Trail

Merri Creek Trail is a stunning cycling and pedestrian track that takes you through the green suburbs of the city. Spread over approximately 21 kilometres, that trail starts at Dights Falls near Merri Creek and ends somewhere near the Western Ring Road Trail. On this track, you will find both experienced and beginner cyclists enjoying cycling and having fun.

As you cross this route, you will come across the Coburg Lake Reserve, the Brunswick Velodrome, and the CERES Community Environment Park. If you want to continue cycling and want to gain some more cycling experience, you can join the Western Ring Road Trail to the north or the Capital City Trail to the south.

6. Hobsons Bay Coastal Trail

Hobsons Bay Coastal Trail

Hobsons Bay Coastal Trail is an attractive path where you will witness cyclists and pedestrians enjoying the stunning beauty and history of the area. Being spread over 23 kilometres, this cycling track at this place is well-maintained and beautifully designed. The route starts at the surrounding area of Westgate Bridge and ends at Skeleton Creek.

As you ride this path, you will come across Williamstown, Cherry Lake, public artworks, and Williamstown Botanic Gardens. On this track, you will also get a chance to explore the wildlife of the area, as you will find a wide variety of bird species and other creatures. Along with this, you will find some cafes and eateries on the way where you can eat and take some rest.

7. Maribyrnong River Trail

Maribyrnong River Trail

The Maribyrnong River Trail is one of the most stunning routes, and you will sometimes find water on both sides. It stretches approximately 23 kilometres along the Maribyrnong River. This is a multipurpose track where you will see walkers, runners, cyclists, pedestrians, and wheelchairs strolling around and enjoying the natural beauty of the area.

The trail starts at Brimbank Park and ends near Footscray Road. This is a route where you will find people enjoying birdwatching and spending some quality time together. Along this route, you will witness the stunning Maribyrnong River, Brimbank Park, and the canning reserve. Hiking is also done on this route.

8. Royal Parade

Royal Parade

Royal Parade is a wide urban road in Melbourne that is covered by trees on its sides. This is an on-road cycling route where you will witness vehicles running throughout the day. Although this route does not contain proper cycling paths, you will still be able to see a lot of cyclists on the road.

This route is approximately 2.4 kilometres long, and it starts at the University of Melbourne and ends somewhere in Brunswick on the Sydney Road. Cyclists need to be a little more careful while riding on this route. Since the path is lined with trees, you will find stunning views and some shady areas on hot days.

9. Canning Street

Canning Street has a well-known and properly designed cycling route in Melbourne. It is one of the major on-road cycling routes in Melbourne. Travelling through the canning street, you will cross the inner northern suburbs of the place. The canning route starts from Park Street and ends in the Alexandra Parade.

It is a place where you will find painted bike lanes on the roads, separating the bike lanes from the rest of the traffic. You can opt for this street for a calm and active travel experience on your bicycle. You will find a lot of locals riding their bicycles on this street and enjoying the road vibes and atmosphere.

10. Rathdowne Street

Rathdowne Street

Rathdowne Street is a stunning route that was not actually meant for cycling. Still, many locals see this road mainly as an on-road cycling track where one needs to be careful while riding their two-wheeler. You will witness that there is a painted section on the roads that depicts a separate cycling route, but still, many drivers ignore it and drive on it.

But since the street is popular among locals as a cycling route, the area has amazing roadside views and a good shopping culture. Rathdowne Street is situated in Carlton North, which is a suburb of Melbourne. You will find that the street has a lot of cafes, restaurants, bookstores, trending clothing stores, and boutiques where people come and enjoy themselves.

11. Swanston Street

Swanston Street

Swanston Street is a beautiful 3-kilometre track that starts from Hamer Hall on St. Kilda Road and ends near Newman College on Keppel Street. It is an on-road cycling path that usually takes one and a half kilometres to complete. This street is not exactly meant for cycling since you will find heavy tram traffic and pedestrians all around.

But still, you will find a lot of cyclists on this route since the place has some heritage buildings that give you an idea of Melbourne’s architectural past. Along with this, you will find some of the popular shopping malls, local stores, and eateries on the street. As you ride this street, you will cross highways and water on both sides, which will give you stunning views of the area.

12. Albert Street

Albert Street

Albert Street is an amazing street where you will see a lot of cyclists and pedestrians enjoying themselves since the street has less traffic. It is a short street of approximately 1.5 kilometres that starts somewhere around the Parliament Garden and goes on to the Power Reserve Tennis Centre.

It is a street where you will find beginners and experienced riders riding their bicycles and exploring the area on two wheels. Besides being short, the route offers you stunning views of the gardens and some street vibes. Along with this, you get a chance to see the tennis game that is played by the tennis players in the Power Reserve Tennis Centre.

13. La Trobe Street

La Trobe Street

La Trobe Street is not exactly a cycling route, but you will find many cyclists on this street. Spread over 3 kilometres, this lane passes by the railway track and the gardens. Starting somewhere around the Royal Society of Victoria, this lane ends near the Vic Track.

Since this cycling track is on the main road, you will find that there is a separate section for cyclists that has been highlighted by painting it. This will give cyclists a little safety on the main road. As you ride on this street, you will pass through a lot of cafes, restaurants, and the famous Hellenic Museum.

14. Exhibition Street

Exhibition Street

Exhibition Street is not a cyclist-friendly route, but still, there are a lot of riders who use it for riding. Starting from the Exhibition Street Reserve, this path goes on to the Vacation Coffee CBD. This route is approximately 2 kilometres long, and you will find a lot of traffic on it. It is quite busy during the peak hours.

This is an on-road cycling track where you will find a lot of cafes and eateries on the path. Along with this, the route has some trees and plants on the way that give you amazing views of the streets, and it also provides shade on hot summer days.

15. St Kilda Road

St. Kilda Road is an on-road cycling track where there is a separate lane for cyclists and bike riders, making it a safer place for riders. This cycling track is separated by physical barriers on the road, giving them a safer ride and reducing the risk of car dooring and crashes.

Before the separation of the cycling route, it was dangerous due to the traffic, but now it is one of the most active cycling routes in Melbourne. Now you will find both experienced and beginners on this street practising cycling and enjoying it. On this path, you will also find some of the cafes and restaurants where you can sit and relax.


Melbourne is one of the best cities where you will find a lot of cyclists enjoying themselves. It is a city that has a wide range of routes that suit everyone’s skill levels and preferences. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced cyclist, Melbourne has a lot of routes that are perfect for every type of cyclist. 

From the beautiful off-roading seaside track of the Yarra River Trail to the hidden gem of the Merri Creek Trail and the roading track of Canning Street, there is a thrilling adventure waiting for you to experience on two wheels. So, dust off your helmet and get ready to discover Melbourne’s best cycling routes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Melbourne is a cycling city since it has a lot of tracks where you will find cyclists. It is a city that offers both on-road and off-road cycling trails. You can explore the stunning beauty of the city on your two-wheelers. Some of the best cycling tracks that Melbourne offers are the Capital City Trail, the Main Yarra Trail, and Swanston Street.

Whether you want to go on-road cycling or off-road cycling, Melbourne has a lot of streets and trails where cyclists can go cycling on their two wheels. Some of the popular routes are the Bayside Trail, Merri Creek Trail, Rathdowne Street, and St. Kilda Road. All these routes will give you some stunning views and a lot of cafes and restaurants on the way.

Yes, it is easy to go cycling in Melbourne as compared to other cities in Australia. The city offers a lot of cycling trails and lanes that are separated from the main traffic on the roads, providing a safer and more comfortable lane for cyclists. Along with this, the weather is also very mild throughout the year, making it a perfect temperature for cyclists.

Although Melbourne has flat terrain, there are some hilly areas where you can go for cycling. If you go for flat terrain, it would be easier for beginners to easily go around and enjoy the city’s stunning views and location on two-wheelers. For experienced cyclists, hilly areas are a good option worth trying.

Melbourne is the most bicycle-friendly city in Australia. Since the city offers a lot of cycling trails for both on-road and off-road cyclists, it is a city where you will find some of the best sights and landmarks as you ride through your two-wheeler, exploring each and every corner of this city.

The best place for cycling in Melbourne depends on your skills and experience. If you are a beginner, then you should go on the Capital City Trail or the Bayside Trail. But if you are an experienced cyclist, then you should explore the Main Yarra Trail or even go for on-road cycling trails such as Rathdowne Street or Albert Street.

Bayside Cycling Trail is the best officially known riding area in Melbourne. This route offers stunning views of the bayside and the surrounding areas. Whether it’s an experienced cyclist or a beginner, the trail is best for everyone to try out their skills and enjoy.

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