Most Popular Seafood In Australia

Most Popular Seafood In Australia

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Australia is really a heaven for all seafood lovers. As the continent is bordered by a number of marine ecosystems, the number of options for it prevailing here is endless. One can’t deny the fact that seafood in Australia really plays a very crucial role in Aussie people’s eating culture, whether it’s about having some fresh Atlantic salmon for dinner or prawns on Christmas Eve.

With around 85% of seafood being sustainable, Aussie people get a lot of healthy and nutritious options to eat on multiple occasions. The diverse range of fish and seafood made available here makes it even easier for the culinary experts to craft some of the best scrumptious seafood for its population. Keep on reading as we delve into the list of the best seafood in Australia that one needs to sample.

1. Atlantic Salmon

Atlantic Salmon

Once introduced in the clearest of the waters of Tasmania’s west coast and now being grown in fish farms, the Atlantic salmon marks the top spot. This fish is one of Australia’s most commercially sourced ones and carries one of the highest values among all fishery products here. The unique flavour it carries with it really makes it a must to try versatile seafood for all.

Not just for their texture and superior quality, the Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon is quite renowned for carrying a really high nutritional value as they are rich in a number of proteins, omega-3 fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins. This fish carries a multitude of benefits, such as reducing issues of artery inflammation, maintaining optimal blood pressure, and much more.

2. Prawns


Prawns are a must-buy for every Aussie local, whether it’s a normal summer day or a festive season. Not just one, but there are a lot of different kinds of prawns that are made available for usage. The most common ones consist of the tiger prawn and the wild-caught king. In recent times, the demand for prawns has increased a lot among the Australian population.

They are well known for the excellent taste that they carry. Unlike other common seafoods, they need to be cooked and chilled before being transported to be sold. This seafood is predominantly found in northern parts of Australia, generally in Queensland, as the water over there is quite warmer, making it quite easy for them to grow all year round. Along with being super delicious, they are quite healthy, as well as aiding a person in losing weight, building strong muscles, and much more.

3. Oysters


Whether you are going to NSW, South Australia, or Tasmania, one thing is sure: you are going to get ready to eat freshly shucked oysters dressed up exponentially. It’s no surprise why many locals are ready for a heated debate over how their oyster culture is better than that of the French one. In recent times, the production of oysters in Australia has seen a boom due to its rising craze among the masses. 

The main types of it that people love to eat are Pacific (creamier) and Sydney Rock (brinier), but that’s not all, as there are other options worth trying as well. Depending on the kind of dressing used, their taste changes, and as a result, different people opt for different options. This seafood is available year-round, and trying it out with a splash of fresh lemon juice is the most popular option for all. Still, one should see what suits their taste buds the best and never hesitate to try a new one for themselves.

4. Mud Crab

Mud Crab

Although it has a small commercial market in Western Australia, the craze that the Mud Crab carries can’t be underestimated at any cost. The spectacular taste that they carry does justice to their size and the risk that they carry with them. The Scylla serrata species of mud crab can grow up to 300 mm in its shell size and can carry a weight of around 2.5 kg. 

Due to its infatuation among the locals, this particular species has an industry worth more than $13 million in the Northern Territory itself. Being a seafood delicacy that is one of the tastiest ones out there, the number of ways it’s prepared differs a lot, while the taste is guaranteed to be the best. As it’s a great source of protein while being low in fat, adding it to your diet is highly advisable.

5. Blue Swimmer Crab

Blue Swimmer Crab

A variety of crab that can be cooked easily at home is blue swimmer crab. Going by weight, it’s the most sold species on the Sydney Fish Market’s auction floor. The reasons for it are so many. They are also one of the few kinds of crabs sold in Australia that don’t involve a process of killing them. This means you can throw them straight into cooking. At first, they come to the estuaries as callows and grow over time in a very quick manner, maturing very well over time.

It’s easily recognisable due to the distinctive colour and shape that it carries. Another point of distinction it has is its large front pincers, which make it unique in another sense. Being one of the most popular Australian seafoods, it’s targeted and caught in large numbers by a lot of recreational fishermen and other professionals. You can either eat them after they get properly cooked or just add them to your pasta to enjoy this beautiful and toothsome seafood.

6. Sea Urchin

Sea Urchin

People are having an increased appetite for sea urchins, especially after the pandemic situation. Don’t get confused just by seeing their spinny exterior that is based on armour; rather, focus on the delicacy that this seafood entails inside itself. The varieties of dishes that you can prepare out of it are numerous, including pasta sauces and steak tartare.

As referred to as a buttery, rich, and decadent food, one needs to try this seafood delicacy at least once to know why Aussies love it so much. The nutrition profile it carries is also worth admiring, as it’s a rich source of dietary fibre and protein combined with minerals (like zinc) and beta-carotene as well. Instead of having winter squash and some dark leafy greens, one can easily consume sea urchin to fulfil their vitamin C and A requirements.

7. Lobster


Widely known for its firm texture and the medium-to-strong flavour it carries, the number of ways one can prepare a lobster is a handful. This palatable seafood can easily withstand cooking practices like deep-frying, grilling, steaming, poaching, and barbecuing as well. Up to date, rock lobster carries the crown of being the most admired recreational seafood in the West Australian region.

There are so many health benefits that it carries, of which the main ones are that it is a great source of selenium and has a lot of omega-3 fatty acids in it. Experts have also suggested that shifting over to this seafood might help individuals with diseases such as depression, thyroid, and anaemia as well. Not just as a side option, you can easily include them as a great source in your meals too.

8. Mullet


This fish doesn’t need any sort of introduction at all, as people already know about it. Mullet, most commonly found in freshwater as well as in coastal waters in the months of April and July, is a true seafood lover’s delight. This estuarine fish carries remarkably high levels of omega-3 in its nutritional profile. The fat content in them is freely distributed, which acts as the main agent for their secret appeal.

To get the best taste out of this fish for yourself, prefer roasting or barbecuing it. Another option to consider is placing its skin side up in a grill for just a few minutes, which will allow its fat content to render down slowly and steadily. More than 16 species of this particular fish are found in Australia itself. The diamond scale mullet is the most expensive of all the mullets found in Australia.

9. Barramundi


In the western parts of Australia, the barramundi fish is found in many rivers. This charming seafood delicacy is both farmed and wild-caught using the gillnets in the fresh and coastal waters of Australia’s north region. Other common names for it include Barra, Giant Perch, and Palmer Perch. The time between February and November is when one can find the wild-caught Barramundi, whereas catching farmed Barramundi is quite easy as it’s available year-round.

Not only from a taste perspective, but barramundi is good for the environment too. There are so many ways to prepare this magnificent fish, and grilling seems to be the best one so far. This fish is one of the most excellent sources of obtaining high-quality nutrients that consist of zinc, iron, protein, iodine, vitamins, and minerals.

Final Thoughts

No doubt, the seafood species that Aussies eat have undergone a lot of change, but their tastes have remained almost the same. It won’t be wrong to say that seafood has been embedded in the Australian landscape and its people’s way of life as well. Ranging from pastas, starters, or main course meals, the number of ways it can be incorporated into one’s daily diet is numerous.

So what are you going to try now from the above-mentioned seafoods?

Frequently Asked Questions

The most eaten seafood types in Australia are Atlantic Salmon, Oysters, Prawns, Blue Swimmer Crab, and much more.

Various rules and regulations have put a lot of limits and quotas on commercial fishing in view of preserving the fish stocks, which will also prevent overfishing.

Port Lincoln is the “Seafood Capital of Australia” that is also a major business centre for the Eyre Peninsula region as well.

Along with being easy to cook, the Australian seafood is one of nature’s ultimate superfoods as well. This exceptionally great food is admired by millions of people across the globe.

Salmon, barramundi, and flathead are the three most common types of fish consumed by Australians.

The high Australian dollar and labour costs combined with the strict laws regarding overfishing are the main causes for the Aussies importing 70% of their seafood.

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